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Welcome toMy Las Vegas Hotel Reviews, home of the Las Vegas Hotel Reviews. Since Las Vegas is a pretty large city with outlaying areas, we will be very busy on this site, as there are hundreds of hotels to review. From the bargain basement hotels with no-frills rooms, to the most luxurious five-star resorts offering thousand dollar a night suites, we will compile the largest database of information about hotels and their room features and all their amenities.

We will also review the various venues for getting married in Las Vegas. It is a popular destination for couples seeking to tie the knot due to the relaxed Nevada marriage license requirements. We surveyed over 1,000 visitors (via a pop up survey) to our website and a clear winner emerged. received the most votes. We are giving them an award for 2016 as the best company to have your wedding in Las Vegas. They specialize in outdoor venues for wedding photography. From Red Rock to the Las Vegas strip, there are multiple beautiful destinations to select from.

In addition to the types of rooms and position on the budget scale, we will also discuss whether a specific hotel is known for a particular event. For example:

• Does the hotel cater lavish wedding functions?
• Is the hotel know for its impeccable conference rooms in which million dollar negotiations or corporate staff training might be held?
• Does the hotel want your children? Do they offer kid friendly facilities?
• Better yet, one area in which American hotels have always lacked is the pet friendly attitude. Does the hotel have accommodations for your precious little animal?
• How are the rooms laid out? Are they close to the disco and you cannot sleep due to the loud noise? Do the rooms have excellent views? Do they have air conditioners or fans?
• Do they accommodate both smokers and non-smoking clients?
• Do they have good internet service?

Moreover, we will discuss proximity of the hotel to the Las Vegas Strip. It is important to know when you are booking your hotel room whether or not you are near your intended destination. If being close to the airport, for example, is a requisite of your reservation, then you should know the distance between the two. Likewise, if you are on vacation and there are specific sightseeing tours that you have chosen, it would be beneficial to sleep near the location of your meet-up points.

Further, hotels in Las Vegas are simply not “sleeping” establishments. If you endeavor to make the hotel your vacation, then knowing the full range of features will help you to choose the preferred hotel. Another point that is important is whether or not the hotel offers packaged deals. Especially if you are a family, having the rooms and meals in one price might be cheaper than deciding where to eat when you get there. Also, passes for the entertainment may be less expensive if booked online with the hotel before arriving at the destination. We sometimes even mention whether or not hotel jobs are available.

In any case, whatever your reason for requiring information about various Las Vegas hotels, then My Las Vegas Hotel Reviews is the place to find it.

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